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an imageThis website (ZYBTSTER) could also be called the website of ZYBT.  However, it actually belongs to a real person, me--Paul  R. Machula.  I began my presence on the web at Geocities.com in 1996 as Zybt, but Geocities was bought out by Yahoo.com sometime later.  Most of my Zybt files (Arizona history) continued to be active at Geocities (as owned by Yahoo) until July 2009, when I then moved everything over to my own domains (Zybtster & Zybtarizona). My Zybtster domain is basically about my varied interests other than history. All my updated Zybt (history) files now reside at the Zybtarizona domain.  My original  Zybt files were picked up by www.reocities.com. (That archive site is here.) Still another archive site (www.oocities.org) picked up my original files. (That archive site is here.) Many web-surfers now end up at those sites, still nice, but unfortunately my updates are NOT located there. They are at Zybtarizona. (see below)

I have quite a lot of info about Arizona history. Most of my contributions to the web are REAL content.  I just am not very interested in presenting visually stunning pages.  Most of my interests have been history, especially Arizona history.  Much of the Arizona material I developed myself. I have a real wealth of information on Arizona history, particularly about the San Carlos Apache people. I live adjacent to the great San Carlos Apache Reservation. You can find my history pages at the link just below (which is at my Zybtarizona domain).

About Me

A note about myself: I was a teacher (now retired, as of May 2012) who lives in Globe, Arizona, in the central part of the state. I am native to the area, born in Snowflake (yes, there IS such a place). I am also married and have three girls, all of whom are married. (I'm a grandpa too!)

My interests are music (particularly classical, I perform and write same), history (particularly Arizona, as mentioned above), languages (I speak Spanish fluently, enjoy Greek and Latin, have dabbled extensively in Apache, and somewhat in Lithuanian--my 'heritage' language), computers, and similar intellectual pursuits. Just my bent.

Important Data

Here is some helpful infomation:


Paul R. Machula
7584 S. Six Shooter Cyn.
Globe, AZ 85501


E-Mail to: zybt@yahoo.com
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